Time for Tea – An Infographic from Emma Bridgewater


Emma Bridgewater began making her unique pottery in 1985, and today runs the highly successful and much-loved company with her husband Matthew Rice.

Emma Bridgewater pottery
Emma Bridgewater pottery

Quintessentially British, their cosy, charming pottery is made in Stoke-on-Trent, the traditional home of British pottery. (The little blue & white teacup on the Tea in England banner represents the pottery-making heritage in Stoke.)
Recently, Emma and Co. sent me this Tea Infographic to share with you.  I must admit, I am a fan of infographics. I love bite-sized chunks of interesting facts and figures, and their Tea Infographic is full of them.
I especially like the ‘What kind of tea drinker are you?’ section. I am ‘The Escapist’. Which one are you?


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by on 05/09/2014


  1. Hello Denise!
    Just dropping by to say hello and I do hope all is well with you and Tall and Handsome.
    Love the infographic. Bits and bobs of information are always useful and fun.
    Type of tea drinker – mostly escapist, but a also for the health benefits and of course, TRADITION.
    Sending love and a big hug,
    Mary Jane

    1. Hi Mary Jane! So lovely to hear from you. We are well, thank you. Working and travelling; travelling and working! 🙂 How is everything with you two lovebirds? xxx

    1. Welcome, Anne, and your blog is lovely – love the banner image, and that Gingko ‘tea’ recipe sounds perfect. I am a student myself (at age 61!). I work full-time, but am doing a part-time Art History degree through The Open University. I just love it, although it is quite a challenge. I must say, that information retention can be a problem. I should make your Gingko ‘tea recipe, huh? 🙂 Best wishes for your new blog. x

  2. Hello, Anne i did read Your post , it was very helpful and the way you described the info-graphics is nice.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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