This Chocolate Teapot is a wise choice

The Chocolate Teapot Tearoom, Esher
In England, there is a phrase we use to define something that is useless. For example, if my husband Mr. Tea gave me a book written in Mandarin, I would say to him first, that he was brainless, and second, that the book was “as useful as a chocolate teapot.”  The logic behind this idiom is that a chocolate teapot would melt as soon as you poured boiling water in it, so it is used as a comparison to anything useless or badly conceived. (Next time darling, just check my Amazon Wish List, okay?)
I had a chocolate teapot experience of a different kind on Saturday, one that warmed my heart into a big gooey puddle of English tearoom bliss.
The Chocolate Teapot Tearoom, Front window
The Chocolate Teapot in Esher is anything but a proverbial chocolate teapot. As tearooms go, it certainly ticked all the right boxes for me: ambiance, cleanliness, friendly staff, and good food and tea.
The Chocolate Teapot Tearoom, Front door
The best tearooms are ones that reflect the personality of their owners. This variety of style is what makes visiting them so much fun. My favourite tearoom style is traditional: lace curtains; pretty, mismatched china; real flowers; wooden chairs; and – above all – a cosy, comfortable atmosphere.  The Chocolate Teapot in Esher did not disappoint!
The Chocolate Teapot Tearoom, Interior
Mr. Tea and I arrived midday and the crowd had already come and gone, so we had the tearoom all to ourselves (although there was a small special event taking place in the courtyard outside).  Combined with perfect weather and glorious sunshine, could Afternoon Tea get any better?
The Chocolate Teapot Tearoom, Table set for tea
The wait staff at The Chocolate Teapot are very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, and we were also lucky enough to meet the owner, Jane, who was charming.
The Chocolate Teapot Tearoom Afternoon Tea for Two
The menu at The Chocolate Teapot is just right: a good selection of snacks, meals, and of course, teas. We ordered the full Afternoon Tea which included our choice of sandwich and homemade cake, accompanied by a pot of tea, scones with jam and cream and – appropriately – a tiny chocolate teapot brownie. (I love that little extra touch!) The food was excellent.
Denise helping The Chocolate Teapot, Esher celebrate its Second Anniversary
On the tearoom’s first anniversary last year, they set off balloons with coupons inside for a free slice of cake. One of the balloons – believe it or not – ended up in Germany, and the nice man who found it contacted the tearoom and the story was written up in his local German paper.  Saturday happened to be the tearoom’s second anniversary, so Jane asked if I would do the honours of releasing this year’s balloons. It was my privilege, so here I am.
If you ever find yourself in the Surrey area (inside London’s M25 corridor), I suggest you visit The Chocolate Teapot in Esher. You will receive a friendly welcome, delicious food, cosy surroundings – and the only chocolate teapot that melts will be that bite-sized brownie in your mouth.

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  1. Yummm ….. I love tearoom reviews. I have been known to travel miles for a good tea. Interesting, the crusts are still on the sarnies. : )

    1. Funny, but I don’t really mind crusts on *certain* tea sandwiches – with these, one was a BLT and one was Coronation Chicken. Without the crusts, the generous filling would have been oozing out the sides. If it were a cucumber sandwich, though, I would have preferred no crusts. But I would DEFINITELY mind crusts on tea sandwiches at a posh hotel tea. Odd?

  2. This is the type of tea room I most enjoy visiting. I am going to put it on my list.

  3. What a lovely review, that afternoon tea is perfect and would suit me down to a T.

    1. Hi Phyllis, Thanks for the nice comment. I love my new hair-do, too! LOL I keep asking myself why I didn’t have it all chopped off *months* ago. It feels (and looks) so much better. 🙂

  4. Loved reading about your tea at this charming spot and looking at all the details of your pictures!

    1. Hi Dawn, Welcome to Tea in England and thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment. Don’t you just love a pretty tearoom?

  5. This sounds like the kind of tearoom I would thoroughly enjoy.
    How fun to get to let the balloons fly. Love the haircut too.

    1. Thank you Marilyn, I got that haircut just in time for the big PR photo shoot, huh? LOL It was a lovely surprise when she asked me to do that. It will be fun to find out just how far this year’s balloons make it.

  6. Simply lovely little tea room! I am so in love with the buntings that I see everywhere! That cute one in the window is perfect! I am starting to make buntings now for every occasion!

    1. Hi Karen, I love bunting, too – haven’t grown tired of it yet, either. It’s been such a great year to be in England … Thank you for your comment. x

  7. This sounds like an excellent tea room and I fully approve of crusts on the sandwiches – always seems such a waste to cut them off. I used to spend some time in Esher many years ago and there was nothing then as exciting as The Chocolate Teapot.

    1. Welcome to Tea in England, and thanks for your post and recent Twitter chat. 🙂 I just subscribed to your Chocolate blog. Enjoyed reading your ‘About’ page, as well.

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