Tea and Scones with Pat and Debs

Keep Calm and Bake These Scones

Pat and Debs live on opposite sides of the ocean. They’ve never met one another, but both of them know how to bake  (they really know how to bake) and both of them love and appreciate  a proper cup of tea. Pat used to own a popular, successful tearoom back in Maryland. Debs, an American expat living in Devon, owns the popular, successful blog Debs Dust Bunny.

Once upon a time, early in my tea journey when I lived in the States, I had a dream of opening a tearoom. I used to make Pat’s day drive Pat bonkers with question after question about how to run a tearoom. She was – as she still is – gracious and kind and always more than happy to share her knowledge and expertise with me. We even met in person when she traveled all the way down to South Carolina to help me with a tea event. Tea friends are the best.

That tearoom dream of mine never came to fruition – but I did gain something invaluable from Pat: her scone recipe. It is flawless and perfect and the only scone recipe I have ever used. It has never failed me.

Recently, Debs has been experimenting with scone recipes and blogging about her results, so I knew that I just had to share Pat’s scone recipe with her. If you’d like to see how it turned out (and get a copy of the recipe for yourself), pop over to Debs Dust Bunny and read all about Pat’s Decadent and Delicious Scones.