Tea and twirling teacups at the county show

Vegetable exhibit

Growing up in the rural farmland of Illinois in the American midwest, the annual county fair was a much anticipated event. I have fond memories of  elephant ears and caramel apples, riding the thrilling Tilt-A-Whirl, stock car races, farm animal competitions (remember Charlotte’s Web ?), and my favourite: the cooking and crafts tents. The county fair was just plain FUN!

After I moved to England, I was so happy to discover that the county fair/county show was alive and well on this side of the pond (where the whole idea probably originated anyway). Mr. Tea and I have now been to several of these (Egham Royal Show and Royal County of Berkshire Show) and mark our calendar with the dates every year. We arrive promptly at opening time, and try to see and do  everything we can before early afternoon when the crowds begin to swell.

Come on, let’s go for a walk and I’ll show you around, where you will see:



Hearty food like pasties,


Meat sandwiches



Ice cream trick

and – of course – ice cream!


Cake table

There are cakes to be judged,


Winning Victoria Sponge

and prizes to award.


Miniature flower arrangement

Flowers to evaluate,


Winning dahlias

and more prizes to award!


Greyhound in Need charity

One of the most enjoyable things about county shows are the interesting exhibitors, like Greyhounds in Need, a charity dedicated to the welfare and rescue of greyhounds.


Natural wicker coffins

This was a rather unique exhibitor, a company that manufactures “environmentally friendly biodegradable coffins from sustainable resources”. I think they are beautiful.


National Hedgelaying Society

Yes! Save the hedgerow! The NHLS is committed to conserving hedgerows through traditional skills. Their patron is HRH The Prince of Wales.


How to thatch

I always wondered how a thatched roof is constructed.


The Band of The Brigade of The Gurkhas

There is music,


Horse rider

and animals,


Games booth

and fun, wonderful things for the kiddie winks:





Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy Show


Coconut Shy

Do you know about the Coconut Shy?


Children's cricket game

The ECB Cricket Factory teaches children (and adults) about the sport. (Note to self: Next time, give this one a go. Am hopeless at understanding cricket!)


Pimm's o'clock

But besides this ↑, the best part of the county show for me is,


Tea sign




Tea sign




Yorkshire Tea booth




Denise at the Mad Teacup ride

and THIS!!!!!!!!!!

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”