All Aboard! The Railway Refreshment Room

The golden age of train travel has always been fascinating to me. My grandfather was a train conductor out of Union Station in Chicago and I loved hearing his tales of stars and starlets sightings, and descriptions of classy men and women dressed to the nines as they boarded his train to exotic destinations for… Continue reading All Aboard! The Railway Refreshment Room

Cassandra's Cup, Chawton, Hampshire

This is a picture of the ceiling at Cassandra’s Cup in Chawton, Hampshire, England. I haven’t been there (yet!) but their website says they are a “small tradional¬†tearooms situated in the beautiful¬†village of Chawton, opposite Jane Austen’s house”. There are so many lovely Jane Austen tea connections – but they shall have to wait for… Continue reading Cassandra's Cup, Chawton, Hampshire