Sugar in Tea

Sugar in Tea by Marielle ReuserWhen Tea in England gets a new Twitter follower, I like to welcome them to the fold with a brief introductory tweet; not a generic message, but one that tells something about them. In order to do that, I try to visit the profile page, blog, and/or website of every new follower first and have a little read to learn more about them and, especially, to find out their tea connection.

Several days ago, when Marielle Reuser (@miss_beretta) followed Tea in England, I went to her blog and saw that she lives in Yorkshire, works as a 3D artist for a video games company, and is one very creative, arty gal. She’s into painting, drawing, doodling and digital art, getting herself and her surroundings dirty with ink, water colours, acrylics, and tons of pencil shavings.  (Her mum must have been one very busy lady when Marielle was a little girl!)

I just loved her artwork so when I posted her introductory tweet, I asked if she had drawn any tea images.  Her response was, “Thank you for sharing my work! One cup of tea (drawing thereof) coming right up!”

Well guess what? Here it is! It’s called ‘Sugar in Tea’ and Marielle drew it just for me. Can you believe that? Marielle, thank you again. ♥  The thought of someone taking the time to do that for a total stranger is humbling.

Check out Marielle’s blog, called Miss Beretta, to find out the story behind the teacup design she used in this image.

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