The story behind the Tea in England blog

Gravitea for Two by Duy Huynh

The longer I live in England, and the more I see and do, the more I discover that in one way or another almost everything here has a tea connection. Some are fairly obvious, others are pretty darn obscure – all of them are captivating.

After two years of posting my adventures and these unique finds on my personal Facebook page, I decided that it was time to start sharing it all with you and the rest of the tea-drinking-England-loving world, so I created Tea in England.

But … it’s not all about me. (Well, okay, sometimes it is.) This is a place for you to talk about tea, England and Tea in England, so please join in the conversation by leaving comments and telling me about your favourite Tea in England places and experiences. #sharethetealove

Tea in England

Although my husband – yes! that’s him in the drawing above 🙂 – thinks that I know everything (shhhhh, it’s taken me nine years to get him to this point), the truth is: I don’t. There’s still a lot to learn about tea and about England. I hope you won’t mind my dragging you around with me as I do so. Bring a flask. Extra points for Tunnock’s Tea Cakes.

Speaking of going places, isn’t my blog banner sensational? London illustrator Emma Block has captured perfectly – in her talented, imaginative, charming way – my personal journey of discovery across this Land of Hope and Glory and Tea. Emma likes charity shops, tea, and very sharp pencils. Her latest book is called Tea & Cake. Oh yes, our kind of girl.


Tea & Cake by Emma Block


So there you have it ~ the Tea in England blog. I’m so glad you’re here! Now then, one lump or two?




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