Tea, poetry and breast cancer

Today, I celebrate 8 years being cancer free. My breast cancer was detected in July 2005 during a routine mammogram. Early detection can save lives – please be diligent with attending your mammogram apppointment. A couple of years ago, I discovered this poem by Londoner Jo Shapcott that on this day in particular expresses my… Continue reading Tea, poetry and breast cancer

Lemon Cake recipe from The Tea Rooms in London

Those of us who love frequenting tea rooms (you know who you are), just can’t help ourselves from obsessing over their decor, teapots, cups and saucers, and food. And although we wouldn’t dream of ever giving up the pursuit of the perfect tea room, we do enjoy re-creating one or more aspects of our favourite… Continue reading Lemon Cake recipe from The Tea Rooms in London

Sugar in Tea

When Tea in England gets a new Twitter follower, I like to welcome them to the fold with a brief introductory tweet; not a generic message, but one that tells something about them. In order to do that, I try to visit the profile page, blog, and/or website of every new follower first and have… Continue reading Sugar in Tea

Fancy a Cuppa? book review

Do you love tearooms? I love tearooms. I used to have a dream of opening a tearoom, but my research revealed that tearoom owners don’t just sit around all day with their customers drinking tea, but that they actually work very, very, very hard. (It was a nice thought, anyway.) The first tearoom in England… Continue reading Fancy a Cuppa? book review

Open this tea rapper for a lively brew

Yesterday, in Big Brother is watching you ….. make tea, I wrote about George Orwell’s essay A Nice Cup of Tea, in which he outlines his eleven personal “rules” for tea making. Today, I share with you eleven personal tea making “rules” from another man. Jamie Broad is a rapper from Liverpool – who knows a thing… Continue reading Open this tea rapper for a lively brew