Cassandra's Cup, Chawton, Hampshire

Cassandra's Cup Tea Room Chawton England
This is a picture of the ceiling at Cassandra’s Cup in Chawton, Hampshire, England. I haven’t been there (yet!) but their website says they are a “small tradional¬†tearooms situated in the beautiful¬†village of Chawton, opposite Jane Austen’s house”.
There are so many lovely Jane Austen tea connections – but they shall have to wait for another day, another post.
I would love to do this hanging teacups thing in my kitchen.  Which would necessitate the start of a new collection of teacups.
Oh. Drat.
Image used with permission by Adrian Heller.

by on 08/06/2012


  1. I cannot pass up a pretty teacup! I also find that I buy pretty little bone china plates that are made in England. I have made a tiered plate for tea sandwiches or cookies made of bone china with pretty candlesticks in between the plates. It’s pink and flowery and oh-so-pretty! I shall watch for your blog posting about Jane Austen teacups!

    1. Dear Karen, I get weak in the knees at the sight of a pretty teacup. Which means my knees are usually very wobbly!! Was it difficult to make that tiered server? I’ve seen some lovely pictures of them on Pinterest.

      1. Not difficult at all once I found the proper adhesive. I wash and dry the pieces well. Stack them to make sure I like the look of the pieces together then glue them using a caulk gun and a tube of Silicone II which is for sealing windows and glass. Leave the finished piece for several days and don’t touch it. I don’t immerse it to wash it but rather just rinse it. I’m always afraid of it falling apart! I’ll post a pic on Twitter of one that I made so you can see it.

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