I can’t resist Whittard tea

Whittard Shop

Once upon a time there was a man named Walter. Walter was born in London in 1861, the son of a wealthy merchant family who owned leather factories in the tannery district. But Walter wasn’t into leather. He was into tea. He spent five years learning all he could about the tea trade and at the ripe old age of 25, he started his own business – a smart shop of shelves filled with gleaming caddies, brass scales, and tea .

Londoners of Walter’s day loved their tea. Capitalising on its popularity, Walter created exquisite, expertly blended luxury teas and made them available to everyone. Understanding the importance of tailoring your product to your customer, and inspired by the be-wigged law residents of the nearby Inns of Court, he even created a tea blend called ‘Barristers Refresher’. Cheeky Walter was a clever man, and he built a tea empire.


Whittard of Chelsea Logo


Walter died in 1935, and his tea shop passed to his sons, who kept the business thriving through war, a warehouse fire (the rebuild propelled a move to Chelsea), and family tragedy.  It’s had its up and downs since that time but through it all, this chain of tea shops – WHITTARD – has maintained high quality teas, and a loyal customer base.

Whittard has been a favourite of mine since my very first trip to England over ten years ago. The honest truth is that I simply cannot pass by a Whittard shop without popping in. Their store fronts are so welcoming and vibrant, and their products are wide-ranging and absolutely top quality. I have owned Whittard mugs, Whittard teapots, Whittard tea tins and Whittard tea.


Whittard Mug


I am at the moment somewhat obsessed with Whittard’s White Chocolate tea. When I first read about it, I was skeptical. White tea, made from the youngest, most tender of buds, is so very, very delicate and I felt sure that chocolate (even white chocolate) would surely overpower it. But it doesn’t – not at all.


Whittard White Chocolate Tea

The tiny, creamy pieces of Chilean white chocolate add just the right touch of taste and luxury to this beautiful white Chinese tea. If you are a Builder’s Tea kind of person, do yourself a favour and indulge. This is the type of unique, luxury blend that Walter would have liked.  Oh go on – try something new. Walter would be pleased.




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  1. Well, Denise! I’ve missed your blogs! It’s been nice to visit and re-read previous ones but I was so excited to see a new one! I, too, LOVE Whittard shops! When we made our trip in 2010, my sister-in-law took me to one in Oxford where I bought some tea, some gifts and a pretty pink floral mug for myself, which I love! Thanks for the history on Whittard’s! xoxo….Karen

    • Hi Karen, Thanks for the feedback. Since returning to work full time (and now, planning our first trip to Italy – so much to do!) my blogging time has been severely diminished. Could someone please add another 12 hours to the day please? 🙂

  2. I have such fond memories of going to their shop at Windsor! And I have two little egg cups from there.

  3. Now I will have to keep my eyes out for a Whittard shop when visiting England. The white chocolate tea does sound delicious.

  4. Do you put milk in the white chocolate tea? I’m fond of tea with an injection of vanilla, so would like to try this… I wish they had a shop at Heathrow!

    • Hi Pauline, I normally put milk in my [black] tea but with this being such a delicate white tea, I did not. But it might be worth experimenting with …

  5. Hi Denise. I loved reading this post about Whittard. Congratulations on your recent mention on their blog! Keep up the fantastic work.

    All the best, Alex

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