The history of tea is an East meets West tale of romance and intrigue involving emperors and kings; duchesses and queens; sailors, soldiers, wars and trade; politics and potters; botanists, smugglers and entrepreneurs – and lovers of the leaf like you and me.

This history of tea timeline will help you navigate the five thousand plus year old story of the nectar of the gods: Tea.



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  1. Great timeline and what a nice way to present it!

    I find it fascinating how the three Chinese ‘phases’ of preparing tea made it into surrounding cultures and survived:
    1) bricks and cakes of tea – survived as Puerh cakes and as bricks in Mongolia and Tibet. Just like in ancient China, these teas are often drunk with salt and herbs.
    2) Ground up, powdered tea – exported to Japan and survived there as Matcha tea used in the Japanese Tea ceremony.
    3) Loose leaf tea – survives to this day and was made popular all over the world, especially in the West.

    That’s my theory anyway 🙂

    All the best, am loving your blog!

  2. Fascinating presentation. I like know that the British drinking tea is still going strong. I do hope to meet up with the Cutty Sark on our adventure to London in September.

  3. Tina Strassenberg says:

    Is there anyway I could use this presentation (with proper credit attributed, of course) as a looping show/kiosk presentation? I am participating in the annual International Festival with my church, and I am serving a Yorkshire tea. This presentation would be more interesting and eye-catching than printed materials on a backboard.
    Your consideration of my request is appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

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