Impressed with the zest of the Nell Gwyn Tea Hamper

The Nell Gwyn Hamper from the English Cream Tea Company

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a blogger is meeting people who share similar interests. Because I write about the subject of tea, I have had the pleasure of connecting with a number of  ‘foodies’, and I love getting to know them and their businesses.

When I first came across The English Cream Tea Company I thought …. well, it goes without saying. They had me at the words ‘cream tea.’


The Company

Wife Jane and husband Roger (a chef) are the owners of The English Cream Tea Company in Essex. Years of travel gave them opportunities to indulge in afternoon tea at hotels around the world. After their children were born, they continued their afternoon tea adventures with family trips to London’s grand hotels. They know how tea is done.

We believe in providing excellent customer service and always strive to create and maintain the deliciousness of our hampers. – Jane Maylon, owner and Chief Scone Gnome, The English Cream Tea Company

But not every person can travel to tea, so Jane created The English Cream Tea Company to bring tea to the person. Anything from a Cream Tea for two to a full London hotel-style afternoon tea for four (sandwiches, cakes, scones, jam, and cream) can be delivered straight to your front door – the food freshly made, arriving chilled and ready for consumption.


Hamper Review

Thanks to the generosity of The English Cream Tea Company, I was privileged to take delivery earlier this week of one of their themed products, the Nell Gwyn Hamper, and I must tell you that the quality, thought, and artistry behind this product was both impressive and outstanding. Everything from the packaging to the food to the presentation was first-class.  It was immediately obvious to me that they operate to a very high standard and want to provide their customers with a product of great beauty and great value.

To begin with, I love their concept of an orange-themed Nell Gwyn Hamper!  Nell Gwyn was born in London in 1650 of  very humble beginnings. As a young woman, she sold oranges at the King’s Theatre and, believe it or not, became one of England’s leading comedy actresses. She eventually caught the roving eye of King Charles II, and became his mistress (and mother of several of his children).

From The English Cream Tea Company website:

This box comes with a brief history about ‘pretty, witty Nell’ who was renowned for her buxom charms (hence our Saucy Meringues!) and this hamper celebrates both Nell and orange flavours in style.  However, as Nell is attributed with persuading the King to set up Chelsea Hospital as a permanent home for military invalids, we would like to honour her spirit.  Therefore £2 from each Nell Gwyn box will go to the Carver Barracks Injured Soldiers Fund.

The Nell Gwyn Hamper:

Olde English Marmalade Sandwiches
Freshly Made Orange and Cointreau Sultana Scones
Luxury Orange Curd
Clotted Cream
Saucy Meringues*
Orange Pekoe loose-leaf tea
Bournville Chocolate & Orange Delight (my hamper contained chocolate brownies instead, which I actually preferred)
Orange teapot
Napkins and bamboo cutlery

The food from the Nell Gwyn Hamper was delicious, full of flavour, and tasted like it had just been made. Portions were lavish. The incredible orange fragrance from the sandwiches and scones proved to me that the ingredients used in this tea hamper were superior.

Included in the box was a very helpful leaflet describing the product ingredients used in all their hampers. The leaflet also reminds customers that their hampers are made with hugs from the Scone Gnomes. You just can’t help but smile.

Whether you want to treat yourself, your friends and family, or your employees – or are looking for an alternative way to host an Afternoon Tea (by letting someone else provide the food!) – I highly recommed a hamper from The English Cream Tea Company.


Product photographs

The sheer extravagance of  the Nell Gwyn Hamper compelled me to take detailed pictures so I could show you the high standard of product and presentation. You will see by the table I set just how easy it was for me to create a magnificent afternoon tea by doing little more than simply opening a box delivered to my front door from The English Cream Tea Company.


Box containing hamper from The English Cream Tea Company

Attractive, substantial packaging.
Delivery is arranged so that you know exactly
when your hamper will arrive for signature.


The Nell Gwyn Hamper from The English Cream Tea Company

Very appealing corrugated cardboard box,
thoughtfully wrapped with a bright orange satin ribbon.


The Nell Gwyn Hamper from The English Cream Tea Company

Top layer contents:
Scones, orange curd, clotted cream (chilled), brownies, tea.
Each item had a small sticky sponge on the back so that this
attractive arrangement remained intact during shipping.


The Nell Gwyn Hamper from The English Cream Tea Company

Bottom layer contents:
Tea sandwiches, meringues, napkins and bamboo cutlery.


The Nell Gwyn Hamper from The English Cream Tea Company

Freshly made tea sandwiches are kept cold by chilled inserts.


The Nell Gwyn Hamper from The English Cream Tea Company

The orange slice and parsley are a delightful garnish.


The Nell Gwyn Hamper from The English Cream Tea Company

Light-as-air meringues with glacé cherries


*If you are familiar with this famous portrait of Nell Gwyn,
you will understand the symbolism behind the saucy meringues!



Setting up for a Nell Gwyn Afternoon Tea courtesy of the Nell Gwyn Hamper from The English Cream Tea Company

Easily create a stunning Afternoon Tea:
All you need are some plates, teacups, and …..


A Nell Gwyn Afternoon Tea. Food and tea from the Nell Gwyn Hamper, The English Cream Tea Company

….. a hamper from The English Cream Tea Company!


Tea sandwiches from the Nell Gwyn Hamper, The English Cream Tea Company

The orange marmalade tea sandwiches
were fresh, soft, moist and bursting with flavour.


Scones and meringues from the Nell Gwyn Hamper, The English Cream Tea Company

I am a scone baker and can honestly say that these scones were perfect.
They were a good size, firm, and full of moist fruit.
The meringues were lovely – not too crumbly, and very light.


Orange Curd and Clotted Cream from the Nell Gwyn Hamper, The English Cream Tea Company

Orange Curd and Clotted Cream.
The bamboo spoons included in the hamper were perfect for serving.


Orange Pekoe loose leaf tea from the Nell Gwyn Hamper, The English Cream Tea Company

The Orange Pekoe loose leaf tea was excellent.


Scones with orange curd and clotted cream from the Nell Gwyn Hamper, The English Cream Tea Company

Orange and Cointreau Sultana Scones in action.
Partners in crime: Orange Curd and Clotted Cream.




The English Cream Tea Company label

The English Cream Tea Company


I urge you to visit the website of The English Cream Tea Company to view their complete range of products that include cream tea weddings, food for crowds, corporate boxes – and of course, Christmas hampers.

In conclusion, if you are searching for tea hampers of five-star quality and value, look no further than The English Cream Tea Company.


(For an unbiased review of a tea or tea-related product of beneficial interest to the readers of Tea in England, please get in touch with me via the contact form.)

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  1. Now this is a hamper I would love showing up at my door. Just Beautiful and everything looks simply wonderful and delicious! And I learned something too.

  2. Isn’t this a fantastic idea! What a perfect way to celebrate afternoon tea. Beautiful!

  3. I also would love this to show up at my door! It makes me want to have a tea with it. It would make me feel such Autumn splendor, and your china settings work very well with it.
    *I will not start a new collection. I will not start a new collection.*

  4. What a fabulous idea! Everything looks lovely. I have not had orange curd before and I imagine it is wonderful on scones. Love the china setting too. It would be a treat to have this delivered to my door. Thanks so much for sharing this with us in blogland. Have a delightful week.


    • Dear Sandi, Lovely to hear from you again and thanks for leaving a note. Oh yes, the orange curd was


      !! I had a bit leftover and used it on grainery toast the next morning – lovely!

  5. What a beautifully laid tea table! You’ve covered two of my favorite things, afternoon tea and Autumn!

    • Thank you, but honest, it was so easy with this hamper – the food was so fresh and just lovely. I’m all for EASE when it comes to Afternoon Tea prep! P.S. I’m an autumnal gal, as well. 🙂

  6. What a beautiful package to have arrive on your doorstep! Wish I could try them here! That picture of the orange curd and scones is making me drool! I love your china pattern, too. What is it? Beautiful!

    • Hi ya Karen,

      Thank you! My china pattern is Spode Byron. I first saw it on Nancy’s Daily Dish blog (BEWARE, you will become addicted to her blog!!), and fell in love with it. I started buying pieces one by one on eBay UK and have a nice little set now. Still missing a teapot and a few other pieces (a bit too costly at the moment), but the hunt is part of the fun of collecting, isn’t it.

      • The hunt IS part of the fun! I found a set of Margaret Rose from Johnson Bros at Goodwill for $25.00! I just love it but it, too, isn’t a complete set. Dare I make a visit to Nancy’s Daily Dish??!! I am so easily addicted. Am loving your blog, Denise, so much. I bought some PG Tips tea today and found the cutest little book by a gal named Helen Simpson called “The London Ritz Book of Afternoon Tea.” Such fun! xoxo

  7. Wowza, this looks absolutely incredible! I can only imagine the thrills and giggles that would ensue if this turned up on my doorstep….


  8. How decadent!

  9. Oh, how I wish we had that sort of service here in America! Your review with pictures had me salivating!

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